Strategic Plan

The Board of Directors and senior management are proud of the success of One Kids Place and excited about the future.

Our strategic directions will help ensure that we make steady progress toward agreed outcomes and enable us to maintain and improve services and programs. We thank everyone who participated in the strategic planning process, whether in-person, by completing the survey, or submitting comments. We have listened to the feedback and considered it carefully. The time and thoughtful attention given to our questions are greatly appreciated.


The MISSION of ONE KIDS PLACE is to provide community-based rehabilitation and related support services for children and youth (up to the age of 19) and their families living in the Districts of Muskoka, Nipissing and Parry Sound.

The Centre defines rehabilitation for children and youth as a process which is centred on the child’s strengths and potential.  It provides an integrated range of services and supports which recognizes the changing physical, emotional and psychological aspects of a child’s development.

The rehabilitation process involves the participation of families, the broader systems serving children (education, health and social services), and the wider community in assisting children to develop their full potential as valued and contributing members of society.


One Kids Place will be a Centre of Excellence where the child’s goals toward independence are the shared focus for all services and supports.

One Kids Place will be recognized as the primary provider of children’s community based rehabilitation services and supports throughout the three districts and where parents, teachers and other providers turn to first.

It will be a learning organization striving to ensure access to quality paediatric rehabilitation expertise as part of a regional health education, teaching and research enterprise and sharing best practices with other children’s treatment centres in the province.

The Centre will be an active partner in an accessible and coordinated system of services and supports that share a common vision.  It will serve as the link between the health care system, the education system and other parts of the children’s services system.


  • Child and Family Centered
  • Strengths-based
  • Life Long Goals
  • High Quality
  • Comprehensive Scope
  • Active Participation
  • Respect for Diversity
  • Identifiable and Accessible
  • Seamless and Coordinated Continuity
  • Decentralized and  Technologically advanced
  • Cost Effective and Accountable