Social Opportunity Groups

Does your child have a hard time making friends? Does your child lack social opportunities or need support with problem solving in social situations?

One Kids Place offers a multitude of groups that can help children develop the building blocks for success in social-skills, personal development and self-advocacy.

Group Services

Our Group services are provided by members of the behaviour team to target specific skills within a particular goal area. Each learner will be individually assessed to determine target skills within the group. Group offerings include a combination of evidence based curriculums and those that have been developed by our behaviour team. Group services developed by our team utilize ABA strategies to meet the specific needs of each group. The current groups are:

Power Solving

Domain: Cognitive Functions, Social Skills, Emotional Regulation
Age: Elementary, Middle School, High School

The POWER-Solving® Curriculum focuses on teaching a social problem solving model that the learner would be able to use as a “tool box.” The social problem solving approach offers the promise of helping the individual with social skills impairments to become a better problem solver, thereby promoting greater independence in social situations and throughout life

Unstuck and On Target

Domain: Cognitive Functions, Emotional Regulation, Social Skills
Age: Elementary, Middle School

For learners with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) challenges with flexibility and goal-directed behaviour can be a major obstacle to success in school and in life. Flexibility and goal-setting can be taught just like any other skill. Unstuck and On Target helps students with ASD develop this critical aspect of executive functioning. This group promotes cognitive and behavioural flexibility in everyday situations from compromising with peers to handling schedule changes.

We Thinkers !

Domain: Social Skills, Cognitive Functions
Age: Pre-school, Elementary

The We Thinkers! Series helps children build foundational social competencies and essential life skills through stories, lessons and play. The teachings help learners better understand themselves and others, develop self- awareness, perspective taking and social problem solving. This group supports social emotional learning, relationship building, classroom learning and academic performance.

FRIENDS Resilience

Domain: Emotional Regulation, Cognitive Function, Social Skills
Age: Elementary, Middle School, High School

The FRIENDS programs are cognitive behaviour therapy based programs promoting resilience in families, schools and communities. This program aids in targeting resilience, self-confidence, self-efficacy, self-esteem and social emotional skills. The programs have also been shown to improve peer relationships, positive attitudes towards learning and the school environment.

One Kids Crew:

One Kids Crew is a four session social skills group that provides social opportunities for children and youth to explore special interests with the support from members of our behaviour team. Evidenced based strategies are used to facilitate social interaction and foster friendships.

Sample Themes:

Game Night

Sample Skills:

Request Attention
Turn Taking

OKP Autism Group Readiness Checklist:

  • Can attend for ~ 15 minutes at a time~
  • Can interact with peers in an appropriate manner (i.e. no aggression, personal space issues, etc.)
  • Can wear a mask or other PPE as required indoors
  • Can follow one step directions

Frequently Asked Questions

I live remotely, can my child attend online?

One Kids Place has the capacity to deliver groups in person or virtually, please speak to a Service Facilitator to develop a plan that works well for your family.

Do I need to accompany my child to group?

No, One Kids Place does not require that you accompany your child to group sessions.

How long are the groups?

Group Interventions are 2 hour per week for 10 weeks.
One Kids Crew is 1 hour per week for 4 weeks.

What is included in the group?

Group Interventions include assessment, customized plan, data collection, group activities/curriculum, and reports. One Kids Crew includes social opportunity with trained Behaviour Therapists, generally strategies will be used to support your child, but there is no formal behaviour plan.

Generalization Tips

  • Complete any “homework” assignments with your child
  • Try your best to incorporate language/themes from the group into everyday situations
  • Practice the skills with siblings/peers
  • Invest in having post-group conversations


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Other Resources

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OKP team member completing intake form.