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One Kids Place appreciates all donations and ensures that all funds are spent with the highest level of professionalism and scrutiny. Unrestricted funds will be used to benefit the children and youth with special needs that we serve and their families.

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Loan Equipment Program

The Loan Equipment Program will help children and youth reach their therapeutic goals and enhance participation in community by lending therapeutic equipment and resource materials, helping children and youth reach their full potential.

The Loan Equipment Program allows families to have access to the specialized equipment their children need at home, as recommended by the therapist, therefore extending the options for treatment / personal development.

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Joint Volunteer Program

The Joint Volunteer Program offers diverse opportunities to existing and potential volunteers to enhance the services offered to clients by utilizing the skills, talents and knowledge that volunteers have to offer.

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Programs and Services

Donations allocated to Programs and Services are utilized to support important programs and services that are not funded through the Ministry of Children and Youth Services, but have a great benefit to the children, youth and families we serve.

Day Camps for children and youth with special needs help teach children and youth with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) strategies to interact with peers and develop like skills to be transferred to other environments. The focus is on improving social interaction, independence and academic self-motivation. These camps occur over the summer / school break times and builds an element of respite for the families of children and youth with ASD.

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