The Loan Equipment Program

Providing children, youth and families with therapy resources, tools and equipment to fully participate in therapy sessions, group activities and most importantly, their everyday lives.

The Loan Equipment Program (LEP) is the first of its kind in our districts which includes Muskoka, Nipissing and Parry Sound.

Resource therapy equipment can be very costly and difficult to afford for some families, which can limit their child’s treatment plan or ability to participate in their everyday activities.

Our One Kids Place LEP allows families, caregivers and schools to borrow specialized equipment and therapy resources for periods of time at no cost.

Once the piece equipment is returned, it is cleaned, refurbished and can be loaned out again to help various families. This allows the equipment to be used to its full life cycle, all while giving choice and opportunity to families on their child’s therapy plan.

The OKP Loan Equipment Program hosts over 2500 items annually and loans out 600-750 items annually.

This program is fully funded by donations and community support.

Equipment example: Explorer mini

“The Loan Equipment Program is amazing. Having so many pieces of equipment available for our family has made life so much easier. Kids grow out of things so fast, it would be impossible to keep up without the ability to borrow from One Kids Place.”

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