Social work is:

  • A service to support children/youth and their families to maintain continuity of care while receiving therapy services
  • A service provided by registered Social Workers
  • A service to provide consultation to the interdisciplinary team and liaise with community, district, regional and provincial services.
  • A service that can assist if you have concerns for your child and family in the following areas:
    • Support for acceptance of a new diagnosis
    • Assistance with identifying services needed
    • Parenting strategies
    • Behavioural strategies


Social work services include:

  • Assessment when social concerns are identified
  • Direct individual and group therapy sessions
  • Interdisciplinary team work
  • Consultation and training workshops for parents, caregivers.
  • Liaising with community agencies and services to facilitate client/family care
  • Providing support through loaning parenting materials


Referral to social work services:

  • Call: One Kids Place: 1-866-626-9100 You will be given a date and time for a full intake from OKP Central Intake service
  • Online: Download the Referral Form and mail or fax to One Kids Place
  • Third party referrals with parent/guardian permission are accepted



  • Children/youth aged 0-19 who reside within the Districts of Muskoka, Nipissing and Parry Sound requiring preschool and/or specialized services
  • Children/youth must be receiving a therapy service at One Kids Place