Augmentative and Alternative Communication Clinic

A specialized clinic helping children & youth communicate when they have significant challenges with speech and/or write output.

Augmentative and Alternative Communications Clinic (AAC) is designed to support or augment an individual’s written and face-to-face communication output (ie. pictures, gestures, communication devices, tablets, computers, modified keyboards and mice etc.)

Our AAC clinic team works in a consultation model with community partners and school staff to meet the communication goals of the child, youth and their families in their natural environments.

Our AAC clinic services can be of assistance if your child displays:

  • A lack of verbal communication skills
  • A lack of written output for academic achievement
  • Speech is difficult to understand through articulation or sound production difficulty
AAC Tablet

Augmentative and Alternative Communications Services tools:

Our Augmentative and Alternative Communications Services use tools such as pictures and photos, tablets, gestures or switches to help people communicate for the purpose of assessment and intervention in collaboration with a child’s family and school/child care team.

Our Augmentative and Alternative Communications Clinic supply tools that are appropriate for use within the child’s natural environments; home, school or their community.

The AAC team consists of a Speech-Language Pathologist, Occupation Therapist and Communicative Disorders Assistant.


Children and youth (u to the age of 19 years of age, or 21 if they are attending secondary school) who resides within the districts of Muskoka, Nipissing and Parry Sound with a physical, developmental or communication disability.

Once active within out AAC Clinic the child/youth will be identified with a primary facilitator (e.g. teacher, parent, educational assistant) for ongoing program support.


Referrals for One Kids Place Clinics can be made by a parent, caregiver, family physician, pediatrician and/or other third party referrals with parental consent.