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If you need additional information about the transition to the new Ontario Autism Program, please visit or call 1-888-284-8340.

Family Services and Training Workshop Series – Flyer and Application

Foundational Workshops – Winter 2019

Welcome to the Ontario Autism Program for North Eastern Ontario

The new Ontario Autism Program (OAP) will ensure autism services for children and youth are delivered consistently across the province, allow for flexibility and choice based on each child’s needs, and give families confidence in receiving quality services.

On June 26, families will begin to transition into the new OAP. The key components of the new program, beginning this month, include:

  • A single point of access. There will be one entry point to the OAP in each of the nine service areas to make it easier for families to access services for their child.
  • Family-centred decision making. As key partners in their child’s care, families will be actively engaged in the assessment, goal-setting and intervention planning process for their child.
  • Collaborative approach to service. A foundation of the new OAP will be the collaborative approach taken by community support service providers, clinicians and educators to support children’s needs at home, during service and in school.
  • Service based on need. Services will be flexible and individualized. The intensity and duration of the services a child or youth receives is based on their needs and strengths, regardless of age. Each child’s service plan will be determined by clinical assessment.
  • A direct funding option. A new direct funding option will be implemented by the end of this year. This will provide all families with a choice between receiving direct service or receiving funding to purchase their child’s service.
  • Safe, effective autism services. The province intends to regulate ABA practitioners to help ensure families receive safe, high-quality services, have confidence in their providers and know where to go if they have a concern

The government is committed to ensuring families are supported through a smooth and seamless transition as they enter the new OAP. Transition planning within the new program will be individualized, planned in advance and will be achieved in partnership with each child’s family, OAP professionals and service providers. Children and youth with a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder from a qualified professional will be eligible for the OAP up until the age of 18.

The province has worked closely with families, caregivers, advocates, clinicians and providers to build the new OAP, and will continue to engage with key stakeholders, including the OAP Advisory Committee, on the design and implementation of the new program. The new OAP will be fully in place by spring 2018.

Reach the Right Door Every Time

Hands (Hands) and One Kids Place Children’s Treatment Centre (One Kids Place) provide autism services for children and youth across North Eastern Ontario. Hands and One Kids Place are strong community partners, committed to working towards providing more integrated autism services for children, youth and families. Both organizations will continue to provide complementary services in the best interest of individuals and families in our communities.

Hands and One Kids Place will ensure families reach the right door every time, regardless of which organization receives the call, through improved information sharing. Beginning June 2017, one call to either organization will give families across North Eastern Ontario access to one waitlist and a simple, integrated service experience, as part of the first phase of the Ontario Autism Program.

Accessing Child and Youth Autism Services and Information in North Eastern Ontario:

North East Ontario Autism Program Foundational Services

Together, as a regional provider, Hands and One Kids Place are pleased to offer families a variety of core foundational services as well as a broad continuum of behavioural services.  These supports will build and strengthen the capacity of the individual child/youth, their family and those supporting them to teach new skills, reduce challenging behaviour, and foster independence in the meaningful areas of their lives.

Foundational Services

The following foundational services are currently available for families in the North East Region Ontario Autism Program (NEOAP).   When a new family enters the NEOAP they will receive a contact from their family support worker (FSW) within the first six weeks of referral. The FSW will either mail out or hand deliver a binder with autism information as well as resources found within their area. The family support worker will also connect with families about upcoming trainings in their area.

Training Workshops and Information Sessions

Trainings and information sessions will be offered to families through their family support worker will provide the family with a list of the upcoming trainings in their area or offer options to participate online.   If a family cannot attend, they will receive the information in web format and/or paper copy from their family support worker.

Tip Sheets

Tip sheets are brief summaries of information that can be provided to help families understand a variety of themes that are relevant to their child/youth’s development or Family Service Plan. Tip sheets that are available for distribution are:

Core Training Workshops and Information Sessions

What They Include:

Orientation to the North East Ontario Autism Program

In this orientation, the Ministry of Children and Youth Services (MCYS) Guidelines of the Ontario Autism Program (OAP) will be reviewed. Discussion will be facilitated around how these guidelines will apply to the unique needs of children and families in the North East. This information session provides an overview of the continuum of behavioural services offered by the NEOAP as well as a description of the OAP Family Service Plan. Resources will be given to the families during the training which includes information on the program and available community supports. There will be an opportunity for questions and direction in supporting families unique needs.

Introduction to Autism Spectrum Disorder

In this workshop, families will develop a better understanding the diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and what it means to their child and family. The workshop will include a description of the diagnostic process and how a diagnosis is determined. Families will learn how genetic and environmental factors are associated with ASD and common issues that are associated with the disorder. Treatment options will be reviewed with an emphasis on evidence based practices.  Resources will be given to the families during the training which includes information on the program and available community supports. There will be an opportunity for questions and direction in supporting families unique needs.

Introduction to Applied Behaviour Analysis

In this workshop, families will be provided with an overview of the science of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA). Families will learn how to effectively teach or strengthen skills by developing behavioural goals, using teaching strategies based on principles of ABA. Families will learn how to use the skills taught in various environments with various people. Families will be provided with a worksheet that corresponds with the presentation.

Challenging Behaviour Workshop

In this workshop, families will learn how to define behaviour and identify and understand why behaviour is happening. Families will learn methods of measuring behavior, as well as identifying teaching alternative behaviour. This workshop reviews general preventative strategies that may be effective in reducing behaviour. Families will be provided with a workbook that corresponds with the presentation.

OAP Clinical Review Process

The new Independent Clinical Review (ICR) process for the Ontario Autism Program (OAP) is now available.
The ICR offers families and their children the opportunity to have key components of their OAP Behaviour Plan reviewed by a team of independent Clinical Reviewers.
For more information on the ICR, please visit


Ministry of Child and Youth Services

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Autism Ontario

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