We want to hear from you about the new Ontario Autism Program.

Dear parents and guardians,

Last month, the Ontario government announced changes to the Ontario Autism Program. The changes will affect services that children are currently receiving and the way future services will be accessed starting April 1, 2019.

We appreciate that these changes have caused concern for our families. Since the announcement, we’ve been working toward the smoothest transition possible into the new program for you and your child or children. We will be here to continue to provide high-quality care, provide support and continue to engage you as a family, now and after April 1. Under the new program, you will be able to apply for a yearly Childhood Budget which you can use to purchase the services you value most, from the provider of your choice. We’d like to hear
what services you value most for your child or children.

Here are a few ways you can let us know:

  • Phone:
    You’re welcome to contact us at any time by calling our Program Manager of Autism Services John Waller at (705) 571-1438.
  • Email:
    If you want to share your thoughts in writing, please email OAP@onekidsplace.ca at any time.

How do the changes affect my family?

    • If you have a child or youth recently diagnosed but have not registered with the Ontario Autism Program, please contact the Ontario Autism Program Central Intake and Registration team (C.I.R.T.) to register in the program. Toll free number is: 1-888-444-4530
    • If you have a child diagnosed with Autism and are currently in service with us or are on the waitlist to receive service:
      • You do not need to register again. The Ministry’s Central Intake and Referral Team will be contacting you shortly.
      • You can call us and speak with our OAP Service Facilitator about any questions or concerns you have. The phone number is: 1-866-626-9100, option #1.

You can find information about the program changes on the Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services’ website www.ontario.ca/autism

Foundational Workshops – Spring 2019

Tip Sheets

Tip sheets are brief summaries of information that can be provided to help families understand a variety of themes that are relevant to their child/youth’s development or Family Service Plan. Tip sheets that are available for distribution are:


Ministry of Child and Youth Services

  • Autism Parent Resource Kit


Autism Ontario

Geneva Centre




        • Find a certificant
        • Pursuing certification
        • bacb.com

Parent Books

More Information:

John Waller, Program Manager – Ontario Autism Program

Ontario Autism Program for North Eastern Ontario

705-789-9985 ext. 5820 or 1-866-626-9100