Seating and Mobility Services:

  • Assisting children/youth and their families in meeting their equipment needs locally and determines the type of equipment required for an optimal fit for use by the child/youth in their environment.
  • Therapists may refer children to this clinic who require a manual or power wheelchair, a positioning device, a walker, a specialized stroller, a bicycle, and equipment used to train crawling in very young children.
  • A service that can assist you if you have concerns for your child in the area of need for;
    • Appropriate equipment for positioning
    • Equipment for seating
    • Equipment for mobility and movement


Seating and Mobility Team:

  • The Seating and Mobility team consists of an Occupational Therapist, a Physiotherapist and Therapy Assistant. These therapists work in consultation with the vendor as required to meet the needs of each individual child/youth.


Seating and Mobility Services Include:

  • Assessment of seating and mobility needs
  • Evaluation for the appropriate fit of devices
  • Working with vendor(s) to have equipment on site that is required for the assessment.
  • Having the appropriate ADP and/or other funding forms completed


Referral to seating and mobility services:

  • Call: One Kids Place: 1-866-626-9100 You will be given a date and time for a full intake from OKP Central Intake service
  • Online: Download the Referral Form and mail or fax to One Kids Place
  • Referrals can be made by a parent/caregiver, family physician, Paediatrician, and other third party referrals with parent consent


Seating and Mobility PROGRAM ELIGIBILITY

  • The child/youth must reside in the District of Nipissing, Muskoka or Parry Sound
  • Children and youth are eligible up to 19 years of age
  • The child/youth presents with a physical and/or developmental disability
  • The child/youth requires a device post surgically or for a period longer than six months