Orthopaedic Clinic services:

  • Assessment of lower extremity alignment and function.
  • Construction of an orthotic, device or modification to footwear if needed
  • Partnership with the Orthopaedic specialists (vendors, orthotists and physicians) in the Districts of Nipissing, Muskoka and Parry Sound
  • A service that can assist you if you have concerns for your child in the area of orthopaedic


Orthopaedic Team:

The orthopaedic team consists of the child/youth’s physiotherapist and the orthotist and any other orthopaedic specialist required.


Orthopaedic Clinic Services Include:

  • Evaluation of the child/youth needs including observation of the child/youth walking/moving as well as manipulation of limbs and joints.
  • If an orthotic, device or modification to footwear is necessary, measurement for the appropriate support to be built or ordered will be part of the assessment.
  • A follow up appointment for fitting of the orthotic is usually required.
  • Follow up appointments to monitor growth and change


Referral to Orthopaedic Clinic Services:

  • Call: One Kids Place: 1-866-626-9100 You will be given a date and time for a full intake from OKP Central Intake service
  • Online: Download the Referral Form and mail or fax to One Kids Place
  • Referrals can be made by a parent/caregiver, family physician, Paediatrician, Infant and Child Development Program, Healthy Babies Healthy Children Program, or other therapists involved with the child.


Orthopaedic clinic ELIGIBILITY

  • Children/youth up to 19 years of age who reside in the districts of Nipissing, Muskoka and Parry Sound.
  • Must be referred by a physiotherapist and if necessary, have a signed prescription from the physician or signed ADP (Assistive Devices Program) form, if needed.