Gage crawled for the first time at 12 months, he stood for the first time at 13 months and he got his walker last year and started walking - Last month he got his first wheelchair. So now he is zipping around and totally independent. He definitely would not be where he is right now if it wasn’t for One Kids Place. He would not have had as many successes or milestones if it wasn’t for their help getting him there.

Gage’s mom

My hope for the kids is that we can help them grow and we can give the families and the kids the skills that they need to be strong. As a Physician, we meet the children with the developmental disabilities, often first. For me it’s fantastic, I’m around the corner here at One Kids Place. I take a little stroll, we have a little talk with the therapists and with the families - we come together and the treatment plan arise quickly and our kids get the care they need. The other thing that is amazing and that we shouldn’t forget is that good things are always happening and new things and new ways of making things better are always coming – it’s amazing

Dr. Joseph Madden

There are special needs sometimes that those family members and friends can’t help you with and there is only so much you can search on the internet or you feel a little bit alone; thinking – how am I supposed to cope with this? How are we supposed to deal with this in our lives? One Kids Place treats you with a great deal of respect and you almost feel like they are a part of your family because they cherish your children about as much as you do. I can’t begin to thank all of the people who donate their time and money – we can’t do it on our own and it means more I am able say.

Micheline Dunn

The therapists at One Kids Place are great and work hard with Freyja to make sure she has the equipment she needs to play, explore and grow with her friends. Being able to borrow and try different pieces of equipment from the Loan Equipment Program has meant Freyja being able to do crafts while standing at the table with her friends, have fun in the bathtub and play in the snow – things that all kids love to do!


My name is Mindy Anderson and I am Owen Anderson’s mom - he is 16 months old. Owen was born with a profound hearing loss. We found out when he was 4 months old. I wanted Owen to have the chance to hear everything we could hear. I wanted him to be able to hear our dog and to hear all of the lovely sounds of nature that we all take for granted. (After his Cochlear Implant) There was one moment that he put his head down and he knew he could hear. He didn’t know where the sounds were coming from, but it was pretty magical. I’m very grateful for One Kids Place. We are very lucky to have this in our community to help us out. If it wasn’t for them, I don’t know what would happen.

Owen’s mom

As an Occupational Therapist at One Kids Place, it is my role to identify barriers and solutions for kids. It’s sometimes frustrating to know the perfect piece of equipment that could help a family, but not have access it. The Loan Equipment Program has meant being able to recommend and have immediate access to the right equipment and to provide solutions for families as they change and grow.

Kate Stadnyk